Sunday, February 21, 2010

First steps

This is trying to be my blog of repstrapping mendel reprap 3D-printer.
I am going to try to mill parts from plastic with a cnc wood router.

Today I tried to mill corner blocks.

Results were not that good.
The router has a vacuum table that does not keep smooth plastic on the spot when milled.
From three trials I got only one that looks a bit like corner block half for mendel.

Next time I have to either attach the pastic to MDF board or make the bottom of the plastic rougher that it does not move when milled.

Other problem is that the milling bits are for wood and not quite right for milling pastic the chips tend to stay in the milled groove and some times melt in it so I have to find right feed and spindle speed by trial and error method.

Here is a link to DXF file I made of some mendel parts. There are several layers and on each layer is a part or variation of part.


I am using this as base for CNC programs by importing this in CAM.

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